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CaracasNine this is an introduction vieo to an excellent work by Human Right Foundation


The “Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra”, Venezuelan pride. This link will take you to a video; and this one to wikipedia


“El Revolucionario del trillón del dólares.” This news correspondent from BBC was subjected to a verbal attack from hugo, “you are an stupid”, during the presidential TV show (live on September 16, 2007), after he asked him (hugo) why to subsidized people in rich country (direct reference to a subside offered by Chavez to the Bus service in London) when still were too many things to be fixed, and too many poor people in Venezuela.


Shut up, King tells Chavez


Critics say Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is turning his country into another Cuba.


Venezuela’s president has presented plans to change the number of times he can stand for office.

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