Lech Walesa – Venezuela

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa has criticized  Hugo Chavez’s left-wing brand of leadership, saying the Venezuelan president should learn from Poland’s experience how damaging
communism can be.

Ex-Polish leader Lech Walesa says bringing communism to Venezuela is “the biggest mistake of the region.”

“The ideas of the ruling team [in Venezuela] are very bad ideas,” said Walesa, a former president of Poland.

“I am the best proof that communism fell because it was a bad system,” said Walesa.

“And introducing it there [in Venezuela] is the biggest mistake of the region,” he said in a television interview.

Walesa, 65, dropped plans to attend a pro-democracy forum in Venezuela this week organized by anti-Chavez university students after the country’s authorities said they could not guarantee his security.

Walesa took it as a sign that he was not welcome

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