Hugo Chavez arrives in Russia to say hello from Fidel Castro and spend 30 billion dollars

Hugo Chavez arrives in Russia to say hello from Fidel Castro and spend 30 billion dollars
26.09.2008 Source: Pravda.Ru URL:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who arrived in Russia with a short visit upon the invitation from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, had his first meeting scheduled with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Chavez said hello to Putin from Fidel Castro.

Putin said during the meeting with Chavez that Russia and Venezuela had new horizons of economic cooperation to explore. In particular, Moscow is ready to consider an opportunity of cooperation with Venezuela in the peaceful use of nuclear power.

Speaking about the expansion of bilateral ties, Putin emphasized the launch of Gazprom’s first drilling station in the Gulf of Venezuela, which is slated to take place at the end of October. “The cooperation between Russian companies and the Venezuelan state oil company has very good perspectives not only in Venezuela, but in third world countries too,” Putin said.

“We have new opportunities opening in the economic field: energy, high technologies, machine-building and petrochemistry. We are ready to consider the question of the joint usage of nuclear power in peaceful purposes,” Putin said.

As for the cooperation in the defense industry, Putin said that Russia was determined to realize the agreements on the naval cooperation too. A group of Russian warships is currently traveling to the Atlantic Ocean, Putin reminded.

Hugo Chavez expressed his gratitude to Putin for the warm welcome in Moscow and said hello to the Russian prime minister from Cuban leader Fidel Castro. “When I was landing in Moscow I was writing a letter to my friend Fidel, and he asked me to say hello to you, and so did his brother, of course,” Chavez said.

“Thank you, dear friend, for inviting me to Moscow,” Chavez told Putin in the Kremlin. Chavez also thanked Putin jokingly for making the visit happening before severe Russian winter weather.

Putin pointed out in his conversation with the Venezuelan leader that Latin America was becoming a conspicuous link in the establishment of the multipolar world.

Russia will give Venezuela a billion-dollar credit to implement the military and technical cooperation program. Moscow and Caracas have already signed a number of contracts within the scope of the program. The total amount of the signed contracts is evaluated at $4.4 billion, Interfax reports with reference to a source in the Kremlin.

The source added that the two countries were running the military cooperation on the base of the intergovernmental agreement and in strict compliance with international obligations and legal norms.

A source from the Russian defense complex said that Russia had already delivered 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles (AK-103, a new modification) to Venezuela within the framework of previously signed contracts. There will also be two plants opened in Venezuela soon to assemble the rifles and produce ammunition to them. The two countries also work on the contract to deliver 24 Su-30MK2 fighter jets to Venezuela and about 50 Mil helicopters.

Venezuela plans to purchase 20 Tor-M1 missile complexes from Russia and three diesel-electric submarines. The contracts will total one billion US dollars.

Venezuela also plans to purchase six non-nuclear submarines and several dozens of warships of different classes from Russia.

Russian experts offer Venezuela 14310 Mirage patrol cutters, 12061E Murena-E air cushion amphibious assault landing crafts and mobile missile complexes capable of hitting sea-based targets at the range of up to 130 kilometers.

The source added that Caracas plans to spend over $30 billion on military hardware and weapons before 2012 in accordance with the program to rearm the Venezuelan army.

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2 Comments to “Hugo Chavez arrives in Russia to say hello from Fidel Castro and spend 30 billion dollars”


    AS soon as Russia gives Venezuela nuclear power, Venezuela will start up grading its nuclear power plant to make nuclear weapons, with some secret help from Russia,
    Then within 2 years before they can make a nuclear bomb, Russia will say NO they can not make a nuclear bomb.

    Russia will say, we trusted them and gave them nuclear power and they lied and tried to use ale help to make a nuclear bomb, so we will invade Venezuela and stop them,,, but they just want to seize control of there oil.

    It will be like a north Korea to America, America giving them nuclear power, then when they try make a nuclear bomb, invade them/ should of but Russia will.//
    But Russia will try be like America, so when they give them nuclear power & they try use Russia’s nuclear power plant to make a nuclear bomb, Russia will attack them for there oil/// saying its ale nuclear power plant, we set it up, we will then dill with them its ale nuclear technology,,,..

    Russia will veto & veto to stop a attack, unto there war ships are there ready to attack.

    Vladimir putin wants to own all the oil in the world, he thinks if you own 75% of it, it does not matter, America /world will have to buy it / & we will have no say about it.

    Look at the pattens, Georgia

    They will cut off the pipe line at the same time as they invade Venezuela,, look & see with other countries with oil or a area where the west needs to send oil to get oil to the west,,// cut it off / run it,,,..
    Russia think even if we do that America will not have the balls to attack ,/ sorry, they know as I know you will not attack Russia, because they have nuclear weapons, & America will not,,, even once they do cut off most of the oil, you America will do nothing, & will need to by oil of them no matter what /.

    What ever Russia does, it will be done within 15 years at most, I think 5 -10 years.

    Venezuela will get nuclear power very fast, I don’t know how long it would take to make nuclear bomb, but you can bet Russia will try make them make them with in 5 to 9 years at most,
    Vladimir piton is 55, in 10 years he will be 65 that’s pushing it, so within 15 years the war will start.
    He will be a Hitler and will go out with world war, even if it takes his own family’s life/ as well as the world with him.
    don’t think it wont happen, he is 100% that kind of men

    Once they get all the money from the oil they will build up and attack us. / maybe with china as well.

    • lol, Russia and Venezuela are allies, the only one who wants to invade Venezuela is USA, because of their oil, Venezuela has more oil that the whole middle east together….

      Russia just want protect Venezuela from US (Cuz USA is Russia’s enemy), however, US couldn’t invade a nation like Venezuela.

      They couldn’t even invade Cuba (And it was supported by Russians) and you think USA will invade Venezuela?

      Hahahahaha that’s just a dream man…..

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