The bledding of a nation

What really happened in Venezuela in April 2002?

The Venezuelan government would like to re-write the history, they would like everybody to believe that the 11th of April there was a coup d’état against Chavez.  Well that was not the case.  The 11th of April in once again a cowardly act, Chavez resigned from its presidency.  He resigned due to the pressure he recieved from the army generals whom refuse to massacre the protesters as he ordered them.

Later the 12th, is when a group of lame civilians, with the mission of returning the constitutional order to the country, turned their back to this mission and the population’s expectations,  by negligences, and or by greed for power, the outcome was a terrible mistake. The mistake was so big that has indeed become part of their (chavez’s followers) speech to support their lies about the coup. Yes, there was coup, but no against hugo presidency, at that moment hugo was not the president. The coup was made against the constitution when they failed to recognize and protect all other legitimate branches of the state.

So much lame and negligence, and the quick intervention from Fidel (Cuba), made posible for the “illuminated” of Sabaneta (beutiful town in Barinas, with the disgrace of being the place were this monster was born) returned to the presidency.

That is the history, and if someone tells you another one, they will be lying to you.

The following videos show the suffering from injustice, so much people has so much pain.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Part 4 –

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