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December 9, 2007

Dieterich advierte sobre futuro de Venezuela, Bolivia y Cuba

The Associated Press

SANTIAGO DE CHILE—Heinz Dieterich, ideólogo del socialismo del siglo XXI, dijo que los problemas que enfrentan los gobiernos de Venezuela y Bolivia hacen peligrar sus respectivos futuros y que el modelo cubano se puede agotar, “si no se toman medidas realistas inmediatas.El sociólogo alemán, considerado mentor del presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez, dijo en una columna enviada y publicada el sábado por el diario La Tercera que las situaciones políticas de Bolivia, Cuba y Venezuela amenazan a las “fuerzas progresistas” de la región.


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December 9, 2007

Venezuela creates own time zone

The technical merits for this measure are all questionable, but that is not going to be our focus. We just one to note , this is what happens when you have a dictator with way too much time, ideas like this come to his mind. And BTW he actually (likely) believes he is making us the biggest of the favors by saving us from the imperialist imposition of -4 GMT, thank you Hugo … what about real work for a change?

Alarm clock

Venezuelan early risers will now get more daylight

Venezuela creates its own unique time zone on Sunday, putting the clock back half-an-hour on a permanent basis. President Hugo Chavez says that an earlier dawn means the performance of the country will improve, as more people will wake up in daylight.

“I don’t care if they call me crazy, the new time will go ahead,” he said.

But critics say the move is unnecessary and the president simply wants to be in a different time zone from his arch-rival, the United States.

The new time puts Venezuela four-and-a-half hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, and out of step with all its neighbours.

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