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November 12, 2007


Jajajajaja nos da tanta risa. Nos recuerda primaria, y el niñito cobardón que se hacia el que no había oído para luego vociferar todo lo que hubiera pasado si lo oye. Una vez mas huguito … eres un cobardón de primera. Cuando muchos te han retado a debates públicos, sin apuntador, con tiempo medido, te haces el sordo. No los oyes. Todo por cobarde. Si alguien hubiera olido tus pantalones en esa reunión, de seguro te quedaron sucio.

El presidente venezolano aviva el sentimiento antiespañol




Hugo Chávez sigue lanzando improperios contra el Rey. Aunque el presidente José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero manifestó en Buenos Aires que confía en que los choques dialécticos durante la cumbre de Santiago no afectarán a las relaciones entre Madrid y Caracas, el presidente venezolano continúa buscando la confrontación y aviva el sentimiento antiespañol. El objeto de sus diatribas ahora no es el ex presidente Aznar, sino don Juan Carlos. Incluso afirmó que el Rey le dijo “¿Por qué no te callas golpista?”

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November 12, 2007

Vergüenza nacional

Opinión – El Editorial

Regaño cumbre

Las cumbres de jefes de Estado ya no serán las mismas después de esta borrascosa XVII Cumbre Iberoamericana en la cual el presidente de Venezuela provocó de tal manera a España, a los políticos y a los empresarios de ese país, que al rey Juan Carlos no le quedó otra alternativa que darle un regaño manoteado. “¿Por qué no te callas?”, exclamó indignado el monarca, ante las interrupciones al discurso de Rodríguez Zapatero. Estaba escrito. En este espacio expresamos que esas cumbres demandaban la condición democrática de sus protagonistas porque sólo la democracia las hacía posibles.

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November 12, 2007

Sabia Ud – Eva Curie

Eva Curie no recibió un Premio Nobel, pero si su madre y su padre Marie y Pierre, su hermana Irene, y su esposo Henry Richardson Labouisse definitivamente a ella no le tocaba 🙂

November 12, 2007

Cuba and Venezuela Deepen Alliance with More Accords

October 16th 2007, by Chris Carlson –

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban leader Raul Castro sign 14 new economic agreements. (Prensa Presidencial)


Mérida, October 16, 2007 ( Cuba and Venezuela announced an increased economic and political alliance yesterday after signing several bilateral economic agreements. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban leader Raul Castro met in Havana on Monday to discuss a number of joint projects as a part of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), and President Chavez proposed a future joining of the two countries into a confederation.

Just as Cuba and Venezuela were the first two countries in the formation of ALBA, the new regional alliance that Nicaragua and Bolivia later joined, the Venezuelan president suggested that Cuba and Venezuela be the first in forming a confederation of nations.

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November 12, 2007

Shut up, Spain’s king tells Chavez

Mr Zapatero (l) and King Juan Carlos in Santiago, 10 November 2007

King Juan Carlos (r) and Mr Zapatero (l) defended Mr Aznar

Spain’s King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez to “shut up” as the Ibero-American summit drew to a close in Santiago, Chile. The outburst came after Mr Chavez called former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a “fascist”.

Mr Chavez then interrupted Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s calls for him to be more diplomatic, prompting the king’s outburst.

Latin American, Portuguese, Spanish and Andorran leaders were meeting in Chile.

‘Democratically elected’

Mr Chavez called Mr Aznar, a close ally of US President George W Bush, a fascist, adding “fascists are not human. A snake is more human.”

Mr Zapatero said: “[Former Prime Minister] Aznar was democratically elected by the Spanish people and was a legitimate representative of the Spanish people.”

Mr Chavez repeatedly tried to interrupt, despite his microphone being turned off. The king leaned forward and said: “Why don’t you shut up?”

According to reports, the king used a familiar term normally used only for close acquaintances – or children.

Mr Chavez at the summit, 10 November 2007

Mr Chavez (r) called Mr Aznar a fascist

Later, Mr Chavez responded to the king’s rebuke.

According to the Associated Press news agency, he said: “I do not offend by telling the truth. The Venezuelan government reserves the right to respond to any aggression, anywhere, in any space and in any manner.”

The theme of this year’s 22-nation summit was “social cohesion”.

Earlier, a row between neighbours Argentina and Uruguay threatened to overshadow the summit.

The long-running dispute erupted anew after Uruguay gave an operating permit to a paper mill despite unresolved environmental objections by Argentina.

On Saturday, scores of Argentine protesters staged a peaceful protest against the setting up of the plant, which they fear could contaminate their crops.

Some of the marchers carried banners reading “No to the paper plant!”. Police stopped them from marching across a bridge into Uruguay.

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November 12, 2007

Chavez’s colourful quotations

Hugo Chavez in Chile, 10 Nov

Hugo Chavez said he was not going to shut up

King says: Shut Up

Hugo Chavez’s verbal abuse of world leaders has become legendary. At the weekend, the Venezuelan leader was told to “shut up” by the Spanish King, Juan Carlos, after attacking Spain’s former prime minister and the monarch, himself. Since his election in a landslide victory in 1998, Mr Chavez has largely fired up his rhetoric against the United States and her allies.

Below is a selection of the most memorable of Mr Chavez’s colourful quotations.


Chavez at the United Nations

Hugo Chavez used his speech to lash at US influence

Speech Extract

In a dramatic speech to the United Nations in September 2006, Mr Chavez famously described George W Bush as the “Devil”.

The Devil is right at home. The Devil, the Devil himself, is right in the house.

And the Devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the Devil came here. Right here. [crosses himself] And it smells of sulphur still today.

Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the Devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world.


Mr Bush has long been the focus of Mr Chavez’s tirades. In a nationally televised speech in March 2006, the Venezuelan leader was not short of ways to described the US president:

You are ignoramus, you are a burro, Mr Danger… or to say it to you in my bad English: [switching languages] You are a donkey, Mr Danger. You are a donkey, Mr George W Bush.

[Returning to Spanish] You are a coward, a killer, a [perpetrator of] genocide, an alcoholic, a drunk, a liar, an immoral person, Mr Danger. You are the worst, Mr Danger. The worst of this planet… A psychologically sick man, I know it.


US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice had described Venezuela as a menace

Mr Chavez has referred to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as “little girl” on a number of occasions.

In February 2006, Ms Rice described Venezuela as a menace to regional democracy.

She spoke of an “inoculation strategy” against a country she called a “sidekick” of Iran.

During his weekly Sunday broadcast, Mr Chavez replied with a warning to Ms Rice:

Remember, little girl, I’m like the thorn tree that flowers on the plain. I waft my scent to passers-by and prick he who shakes me. Don’t mess with me, Condoleezza. Don’t mess with me, girl.

He blew a screen kiss to Ms Rice and jokingly referred to her as “Condolence.”


Tony Blair

Tony Blair was accused of not having an morals

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also came in for verbal abuse. In 2006, Mr Blair urged Venezuela to abide by the rules of the international community. Mr Chavez replied that Mr Blair had flouted those very rules by invading Iraq.

Don’t be shameless, Mr Blair. Don’t be immoral, Mr Blair. You are one of those who have no morals. You are not one who has the right to criticise anyone about the rules of the international community.

You are an imperialist pawn who attempts to curry favour with Danger Bush-Hitler, the number one mass murderer and assassin there is on the planet.

Go straight to hell, Mr Blair.

Chavez rejects ‘attack’ by Blair


Also in 2006, Mr Chavez warned that his country would most likely sever links with Israel in protest at its military offensive in Lebanon.

He said he had “no interest” in maintaining relations with Israel, which he has accused of committing genocide.

Israel has gone mad. It’s attacking, doing the same thing to the Palestinian and Lebanese people that it has criticised – and with reason – [in the case of] the Holocaust. But this is a new Holocaust.

Venezuela ‘to sever Israel ties’


Mr Chavez has verbally blasted his neighbours on a number of occasions. In 2005, he described his then Mexican counterpart, Vicente Fox, as a puppy dog for United States imperialism.

Mr Chavez said Mr Fox had, as he put it, been left bleeding by a recent Summit of the Americas.

It makes one sad to see the sell-out of President Fox, really it makes one sad.

How sad that the president of a people like the Mexicans lets himself become the puppy dog of the empire.


Earlier this year, Mr Chavez called on the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, to resign after he condemned the Venezuelan government’s decision not to renew a private TV station’s licence.

Dr Insulza is quite an idiot, a true idiot.

The insipid Dr Insulza should resign from the secretariat of the OAS for daring to play that role.


Robert Mugabe

President Chavez praised Robert Mugabe as a “freedom fighter”

At times, Mr Chavez has riled the international community not with his verbal abuse, but with his praise of controversial heads of state.

In 2004, he praised Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe as a “freedom fighter”.

I give you a replica of liberator Simon Bolivar’s sword. For you who, like Bolivar, took up arms to liberate your people.

For you who, like Bolivar, are and will always be a true freedom fighter. [Mugabe] continues, alongside his people, to confront the pretensions of new imperialists.

Mr Mugabe, who was in Venezuela for a summit of the G-15 group of developing nations, smiled as he unsheathed the sword and swung it about.


In 2005, Mr Chavez issued an attack on Halloween, telling his countrymen that it had no place in Venezuelan society.

He used his weekly TV and radio broadcast to caution that the observance is strictly a “gringa,” or North American custom. He described it as:

Terrorism, putting fear into other nations, putting fear into their own people.

Families go and begin to disguise their children as witches. This is contrary to our way.