In Venezuela, Chávez designs socialist state for 21st century

Agosto 12, 2007 Por: Martha Colmenares



Claims the needs of workers put ahead of profits

By Juan Forero, Washington Post | August 10, 2007

CARACAS — At a sleek, airy factory built by Venezuela’s populist government, 80 workers churn out shoes — basic and black and all of them to be shipped to Fidel Castro’s Cuba, a leading economic partner.

With no manager or owner, the workers have an equal stake in a business celebrated as a shining alternative to the “savage capitalism” President Hugo Chávez constantly disparages.

“Here there are no chiefs, no managers,” said Gustavo Zuniga, one of the workers, explaining that a workers’ assembly makes the big decisions.

There is also no need to compete — production is wholly sustained by government orders.

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