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July 28, 2007

The Dictator has no clothes or Chavez rules by whims and desires

From December to January we heard all sorts of reasons why the Government had the right to end the concession of RCTV, which it did on the end. From the public use of the airwaves, to the right of the Government to manage the “Hertzian spectrum” in Chavezspeak, we heard a convoluted and complicated logical sequence in order to justify what could not be justified. We had seen it before. In fact, this is the way Chavez has legislated since he became President in 1998, looking for ways to make laws and arguments that suit him, rather than thinking about the way things should be and being consistent.

We saw it with the original referendum for the Constituent Assembly, with the way the Constitution was stepped on to elect the members to that Assembly. We saw it when the infamous and illegal Congresillo ran Venezuela for months, selecting a new Supreme Court, the Prosecutor and other important “independent” political positions. We saw it with the way the CNE legislated to block the recall vote against Chavez as much as possible and the way the in which the number of Justices was increased to 30 members by simple majority of the National Assembly so that Chavez could regain a majority in the same Court he had appointed in 2000.

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