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July 25, 2007

PDVSA’s ‘Operational Emergency’

After reading this article, there is a temptation to mistakenly believe that they (Chavez’s Government) are trying to attain independence from other countries technologies. That is not truth, and history will demonstrate so. They are lazy and corrupted. They hate the  fact that the “empire” is the one supplying them with technology, but not because the dependency, but because is the empire to whom they depend upon (very different things).

by Michael J. Economides

Posted: 07/23/2007


There is something really funny that happens all the time after countries go though oil nationalizations or re-nationalizations as Venezuela is re-discovering the hard way. The path is simple. Oil is declared the national treasure that the often hated foreigners, headed by the United States, want. Controlling that oil becomes a symbol of national emancipation and assertiveness.


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