Peru making moves against ALBA

An alleged attempt at installing in Peru a new office of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) Tuesday was branded as an “unacceptable” foreign intervention, and therefore local authorities are “taking the relevant moves,” said Jorge del Castillo, the chief of the Peruvian Cabinet.

ALBA, an initiative sponsored by Venezuela and joined by Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua, operates an office in Puno Department, southeast Peru. The branch gives poor Peruvians in the area the chance to undergo cataract surgery free of charge in the Bolivian locality of Copacabana.

“The installation of this ALBA office has not been authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I think it has not been approved by local authorities either; therefore it is plagued with illegality,” said del Castillo, as quoted by AP.

The official added he had information that ALBA purported to open an office in the Peruvian Amazon town of Iquitos, but the regional government rejected the move. Del Castillo claimed that the Peruvian government “is assessing this issue to make the relevant moves.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the website of daily newspaper El Comercio, Hernán Fuentes, president of Puno, said ALBA is spreading to 13 provinces in this department.

Members of the pro-government Confederation of Workers of Peru demonstrated outside the Venezuelan Embassy to Lima to reject the ALBA branch in Puno, AFP said.

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