Paraguayan Congress views Venezuela’s prompt membership as unviable

Approval within a three-month term of Venezuela’s inclusion in the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), at the request of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, is hardly possible and may take longer, said Tuesday some Paraguayan lawmakers.


The Venezuelan application for the trade bloc is currently at the Senate, one of the two chambers in the Paraguayan Congress, where there are clashing positions, according to its members.


“We will take the time needed to assess it,” said the chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs Alfredo Ratti, for opposition Partido Patria Querida. Ratti is one of the lawmakers who should provide a report on the request made by President Chávez, AFP reported.


Senator Juan Carlos Ramírez Montalbetti, for opposition Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico, talked likewise.


“There are doubts about the democratic character of Chávez’ government; however, the request will be considered,” said for his part the chair of the Paraguayan Congress, Miguel Abdón Saguier, for opposition Partido Liberal Radical.

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