Venezuelan ‘ombudsman’ reveals ‘internet plot’ against Chavez.

This is the kind of things that demonstrate the lack of independence within the powers in Venezuela. This past week there have been a horrible attacks from the police to the people protesting and the only thing this novel clown can say is “there is an internet plot against Chavez”

Venezuelans armed with flowers

Venezuelan ombudsman reveals internet plot against Chavez

An insurrection plot exists in Venezuela against President Hugo
Chavez by means of Internet messages and mobile phones following last
week’s closedown of Radio Caracas Television (Rctv), an official
claimed on Friday.

Venezuela’s Ombudsman German Mundarain revealed the Internet-based
plot to incite discontent after the government closure of broadcaster
RCTV on Sunday.

Mundarain told a press conference that the authorities have arrested
a general whose last name was Lara Guzman. The detained involved in
the coup d’etat against Chavez in April 2002, according to the

RCTV was taken off the air after the government refused to renew its
broadcasting license, citing its support for the coup, which rendered
Chavez powerless for 48 hours.

The closedown sparked days of student protests and violence.

Mundarain called on Venezuelans to safeguard peace and reject
confrontations, saying the change of government must be through
elections or the national referendum.

Protests are a constitutional right, but must be authorized and
peaceful without weapons, Mundarain said.

He blasted violent cases in which policemen were wounded by bullets
in cities such as Merida, 680 km west of Caracas.

In another development on Friday, police said they had blocked
students marching on the National Assembly because they had no
official permit to stage a protest.


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